A great relationship is based upon a solid foundation. The Client Bill of Rights clearly identifies the level of proactive service and relationship you will experience.

Trust: You have the right to work with a trustworthy, dependable, independent Wealth Advisor focused on your story. Your Wealth Advisor will develop a personal relationship with you through insightful communication highlighting our core beliefs, investment outlook and management philosophy. Your Wealth Advisor will present portfolio reviews annually or as often as necessary, and be available to answer the questions that matter to you as they arise.

Quality: You are entitled to a high level of thoughtful and caring service from all associates at our firm.

Independence: You have the right to independent advice and recommendations based on your needs, risk tolerance and goals.

Privacy: You have the right to the highest levels of confidentiality with information provided to your trusted team. We will protect all information to the rigorous standards outlined by SEC, FINRA, state and regulatory agencies.

Understanding: You have the right to a transparent relationship and to clearly know the costs for portfolio management, transactions and advisory services. We strive to be clear and concise in all of our communications to you. If you have a question, it is our duty to answer it for you in an understandable way.

Timeliness: You have the right to a prompt response. As your Trusted Advisor, we commit to returning calls within one business day. Should you require additional research, our team will set a clearly defined time frame for redress.

Information: You have the right to be communicated to in a timely manner. As your Trusted Advisor, our goal is to provide you with information before the question arises, regardless of the medium used.

Education: You have the right to continual education along your journey to True Wealth. Through education, our team will project reasonable expectations and achievable scenarios in the development and constant monitoring of your Wealth Plan.

Precision: You have the right to accurate reporting of all managed accounts. Your statements will identify all account positions held, cash receipts, and disbursements.