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RGJ: Meidell – Markets may be in Holding Pattern

The Dow Jones Industrial Average declined for the fifth day on a row on Thursday, with investors in what appears to be a holding pattern prior to the presidential inauguration. Though the major market averages traded marginally higher for the first 30 minutes of the trading day, the averages spent the remainder of the day […]

Laif Meidell: Stock market not surging or ceding ground

Due to their lack of upward progress since mid-July, the major market averages look as though they have hit the ceiling. However, as we saw on Wednesday, the market averages aren’t giving up much ground either, as stocks rallied to recover nearly all of the losses earlier in the week. Though the Standard & Poor’s […]

Laif Meidell: Market off to halting start in October

Stocks began the new month on Monday with little enthusiasm, as the major market averages gave back a portion of last Friday’s gains. Maybe it was British Prime Minster Theresa May’s comments on Sunday that took wind out of the market’s sales, when she said the U.K. would start separating itself from the European Union […]

RGJ: Heidi Foster – When it comes to currencies, the world is flattening

By Heidi Foster Reducing risk while increasing the potential for return on one’s investment is the goal of every investor and investment adviser. The process is part art and part science. While the art of this process is difficult to explain, the science can be simplified into increasing the diversification of the investments and reducing […]

Heidi Foster: Managing Your Budget with Higher Gas Prices

How high will gas prices go this summer? Many analysts think we will pay $5 a gallon for gas this summer — and some think gas will cost much more than that within the next two years. While it has been a welcome relief to see a few cents off each gallon pumped the past few […]

Heidi Foster: Small steps could help improve your financial life

Spring is a great time of year to clean your finances as well as your house! Yes, you can make 2011 the year you alter your financial life for a better future. Let’s look at some simple steps, with the goal of financial freedom in mind. These are ideas in addition to writing your goals down […]

Heidi Foster: Take Advantage of Tax Incentives

Each year at this time, we, as citizens of the U.S. ponder the taxes we pay. “Our tax system is such that for 2010 an estimated 45 percent of American households will pay no income tax with the average taxpayer paying 18 percent,” reports Roberton Williams, a senior fellow at the Tax Policy Center, a […]

Heidi Foster: 7 tips for planning your retirement

Planning financially for retirement might feel overwhelming. For some, that feeling is what keeps them from implementing a plan. If you have yet to start planning for your retirement — make today the day you begin. The earlier you begin the better. Time is definitely one of your greatest allies. A person who begins contributing […]

Heidi Foster: Your Financial To-Do List before and for the New Year

The end of the year is an excellent time to review your finances. What are your financial, business or life priorities for 2011? Set specific goals you want to accomplish. Think about the consistent investing, saving or budgeting methods you use to realize them. Review what worked well for you in 2010 and what improvements […]

Roth IRA could solve taxing problems

In 2010, anyone can make a Roth conversion – and have the option to divide the tax bill on the conversion over 2011 and 2012. To raise revenue, the U.S. government is allowing investors to convert existing IRAs into Roth IRAs. Even with paying current income taxes, this opportunity may still be a “win-win situation” […]