Our investment philosophy emphasizes protecting and sustaining our client’s wealth every bit as much as growing their assets. We utilize an integrated approach characterized by flexibility, comprehensive analysis and discipline. AWM employs state-of-the-art research and tools to develop diversified portfolios that maximize investment success, minimizing risk and provide the greatest probability of attaining your financial goals.

While the strategies we recommend can be aggressive or conservative depending on the individual, our approach is based on six critical facts:

  1. All investment strategies contain risk.
  2. Performance cannot be guaranteed.
  3. Markets are cyclical and investment values are unpredictable.
  4. Minimizing unnecessary risk is crucial in developing a portfolio.
  5. You should be compensated for the level of risk you assume.
  6. Investors should not assume more risk than necessary to achieve their goals.

Investment Process 

AWM uses a research-based approach focused on strategic asset-allocation to meet our clients’ investment criteria while minimizing their risk. The process is dynamic and is based on the principles of Modern Portfolio Theory.

Investment Policy Statement 

We create an individualized Investment Policy Statement for each of our clients that includes your investment objectives, risk tolerance, asset allocation, implementation strategy and investment fulfillment timeline.

Strategic asset allocation 

Asset allocation is the determination of how your portfolio will be distributed in the major asset classes – stocks, bonds, real estate and cash. Investment policy decisions such as asset allocation account for more than 90% of the variation in portfolio returns. Security selection, market timing, and random luck explain the rest. We don’t try to “outguess” the markets through market timing, ride the wave of the next “hot” stock or fund. AWM focuses on a decision making perspective that derives the greatest probability of achieving your financial goals.

Manager selection and monitoring 

Studies have concluded that the past performance of investment managers are of no value when predicting future performance. The best indicators are a manager’s investment philosophy, decision-making environment, consistency of the investment process, quality and continuity of the investment team, and the manager’s ability to control costs. These are the factors in manager selection and review process that AWM focus on. We continually monitor each manager’s performance relative to these benchmarks as part of our risk control process.

Implementation of investment strategy 

Our asset allocation process combines strategically selected investments to achieve a well-diversified portfolio with broad market exposure to avoid over-weighting or under-weighting specific sectors or management styles.

Continuous portfolio management 

Because the investment landscape is dynamic, we believe managing portfolios must also be dynamic. Once your financial goals have been defined and your investment plan implemented, each portfolio we manage is closely monitored and positioned to achieve success in a rapidly changing investment world.

Investment Management 

  • Aggressive Growth
  • Growth
  • Growth with Income
  • Balanced
  • Income with Growth
  • Income
  • Fixed Income
  • Meidell Tactical Advantage ETF (MATH)
  • Market Adaptive Unconstrained Income ETF (MAUI)
  • Separately Managed Accounts